Is Misting Fan Right For You? The Pros and Cons of Having a Misting Fan

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Misting fans are highly marketed before the summer officially starts or when shoppers realize that they can no longer tolerate the heat of the season. If you are a tight-budgeted consumer, you need to think twice before investing your money on a product or service. While it’s true that a Misting Fan can help anyone in dealing with different problems, that doesn’t mean you have to buy one right away. A wise shopper is not someone who purchases the best deals but someone who buys the items that he needs only. Now, the question is: do you need a mist fan? Or, do you simply want to get what is trendy? To help you decide, below are the pros and cons of buying and using this type of cooling equipment.

Mist Fan Uses

A mist fan can be used for numerous applications. It can help beat the heat for the benefit of humans, animals, as well as plants. In fact, these are used in barns and other animal houses as well as in nurseries and greenhouses. These are used at homes, offices, tourist spots, and factories as well.

These days, the function of a Misting Fan is not limited to heat reduction and air circulation. It can help in driving away insects, dust, and pungent smells.

The most significant advantage of misting fans is the mist it generates. You can have a cool summer without even plunging into a pool, thanks to the creation of misting fans.

However, an air conditioner is way better than misting fans in several areas. Unlike misting fans, you can adjust the settings of an air conditioner to suit your needs. The things you can control in an air conditioner include the time and the number of hours it will operate, the temperature, and the speed of the blades.

When it comes to comfort, air conditioner is more efficient than a Misting Fan. However, you can’t bring the former outdoors and it can’t produce mist.

But before you say yes to misting fans, decide on the activities you will do this coming summer that can make use of misting fans. If there are lots of things you want to do in your yard in that season, buying a mist fan can be advantageous. Otherwise, it will be best if you stay at home or go on a vacation to your grandparents’ home.

Maintenance Requirements

Misting Fan’s maintenanceThe common electric fans are the easiest to clean while central cooling systems are the most difficult to maintain. The latter even requires inspection, repairs, replacement of parts, and regular cleaning from a service provider. A Misting Fan’s maintenance is more complex than standard ones but these are far cheaper than those of the maintenance required for central cooling systems. It is cheaper because you have to do it on your own.

The maintenance can be time-consuming. However, it will all be worth it once you use it. Well-maintained misting fans can save you from emergency repairs.

Purchase and Usage Costs

Costs should be one of your buying considerations. You should not decide based on the price of the product alone but for the costs you will incur in the future regarding the use of the mist fan.

A mist fan’s price can be reflective to the quality of the equipment. The cheapest ones are usually made from materials of the least quality. If you don’t want to deal with defects in the near future, better not to look at these misting fans.

The expensive ones, on the other hand, offer more than quality. Certainly, there will be additional features and perks.

If you decide that a Misting Fan is worth your money, and then opts for something that is offered in a fair price. It may not offer a lot of features but it will help you achieve the advantages of using such.